February Book Reports “Award Winners”

This month will be selecting an award winning book.  Books could be selected from Newberry Medal winning books, or honorable mentions, or Utah Awards. If you find a book that has not won one of these awards, but has received a different award, please bring it in and I will approve it.


Below you’ll find a link to the full instructions for the book report. The final report will have two key components, the first is an award such as a certificate or trophy, the second is a speech in which the award is presented. We will start presenting the book reports on February 23, and they must be completed by February 26.

4th Grade March Book Report Award

January Things to Know

We are back in the swing of things as we start the new year.  There are just a few things that you need to be aware of for January.

-Reading Calendars are due by Wednesday.  If by chance you have lost it, I have attached it here.  It can also be downloaded anytime on http://mryardley.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Reading-Calendar-2014-Out-of-This-World.pdf

-January’s Book report will be from an adventure book. The report format will be a radio advertisement. If the student prefers to do a video rather than a radio ad they are welcome to, but they will have to complete the project at home.  For the actual recording we will be using their Chromebooks in class. Because of this the Script for the advertisement will be due Tuesday, January 20.  They will not have time to write scripts in class, we will just be recording and editing.  If students do not have the script by the time we record in class, they will be responsible to record edit and have the finished project on their own time at home.  No additional class time will be given. The final project is due January 26-29. Detailed instructions will be coming home tomorrow.

-We will be having a Hot Dog Party for those that complete the Counties and Governors in their Utah Book by February 3.  There are only two requirements but they are challenging, so a little practice at home will help.

Book Orders

Dear Parents,


December book orders need to be turned in by this Thursday, December 11, so that I can make sure that they will be here prior to Christmas break. I will be covering the cost of express shipping to make sure they get here. If you would like to order books as a Christmas present you can email me at Michael.Yardley@washK12.org and let me know. I will contact you when the books arrive so that we can arrange for you to pick them up. You could also text me at (435) 463 – 9273. I would recommend that for gifts you place the order online, however you can bring the orders to me before or after school if you do not want to do it online.

Ordering online is fast and easy:

  •  VISIT scholastic.com/readingclub
  •  ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code GRDYH
  •  SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books, value packs, and Storia eBooks
  •  SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our classroom
  •  All book orders will be shipped to our classroom so we can celebrate the joy of reading together!


Michael Yardley

Nov. 3 2014 summary


Reading Calendars for November are due tomorrow.

What we did today.

Writing: We continued working on a five paragraph persuasive letter.  Santa has put all of my students on a naughty list and they are writing a letter to try to persuade Santa to put them back on the nice list.


Language Arts: We had a lesson about Facts & Opinion.

Math: We completed the Check My Progress assignment

Science: We had a discussion and review of the Water Cycle.


There is no homework today

Tuesday December 2


Reading Calendars for November are due tomorrow.

What we did today.

Writing: We are working on a five paragraph persuasive letter.  Santa has put all of my students on a naughty list and they are writing a letter to try to persuade Santa to put them back on the nice list.

Reading: We read “The Frog Prince” play, and discussed synonyms, antonyms, and analogies.  We also learned the following vocabulary words:

  1. Selfish
  2. Cranky
  3. Commotion
  4. Exasperated
  5. Specialty
  6. Famished

Language Arts: Moby Max Language

Math: Long division review and math facts practice.

Science: We had a discussion and review of the Water Cycle.


There is a page of long division page.  They do not have to complete the whole page, but should complete 3 problems correctly on their own. For example if you help them on three problems then they would have 6 problems completed on the worksheet.


Monthly Reading Calendars & Homework

Whenever we try something new there is bound to be a little confusion as we transition from one thing to the next. We started using a web site to keep track of students reading progress called Reading-Rewards.com . A few Students misunderstood that if they were logging there in class reading that they did not need to track there reading at home. This is not the case, they do need to continue log their reading at home. Students can choose from any of the three following options to log their reading:

  • Continue to use the paper reading calendar as you have in the past. Students will need to make sure they turn it in as soon as the next month starts.
  • Log their minutes from home on Reading-Rewards.com .
  • Put their time in the next day in class on Reading-Rewards.com, in addition to the classroom time they read.


If you choose either of the Reading-Rewards options I would ask that you “Validate” their reading. Whenever they enter a reading log, it will send an email to you. The email will have a link that you click on, it will show you the reading log, if it looks accurate you click validate. It just takes about 30 seconds. If you are not receiving the emails to validate please send me an email or a text and I will correct the email on the reading rewards website. You may also want to check your junk mail folder.

If you have problems or corrections for Septembers reading please let me know so I can make any corrections. I will make accommodations because of the confusion if needed.

As a quick reminder I would like to provide you with a list of what is expected for homework.

  • Math Worksheet- Students will get a math worksheet almost every day Monday through Thursday. These assignments are designed to take 5-15 minutes. If they are taking longer do what you reasonably they reasonably can in that time, and write any questions your child has on the worksheet so I can address it with them.
  • Reading- Students should read a minimum of 30 minutes 5 nights a week. As discussed above they need to record their reading.
  • Computer Time-   Students should spend at least 50 minutes a week at home on one of the following websites: Moby Max, Edmodo (spelling), or Khan Academy. I understand that not everyone has internet access at home. I encourage you to make arrangements to go to the public library, the schools family center, or make other arrangements to get this time in. I will not mark down grades because this requirement is not met, but there are rewards for getting it done.

Chapter 3 Review

Parents & Students,
We have just completed Chapter 3 in our math program about Multiplication and Division Properties. I would recommend that students complete the following lessons on Khan Academy before we take the test on Monday